JUE | Music + Art 2015 | ANNOUNCEMENT: Pre-JUE 2015 Show with Swans!
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21 Nov ANNOUNCEMENT: Pre-JUE 2015 Show with Swans!

Yes people, JUE is back! 2015 will be leaner and musically meaner, like a bullterrier with cute sensibilities. We’re sticking with what’s close to our hearts this year – everything will have an overt focus on music. We hope our first booking sets the bar for your expectations pretty high, because for the first time ever we’re touring the brutally elegant Swans.

Though this act is made up of 6 multi-instrumentalists, Michael Gira sits as the pontiff of Swans, conducting the members to harmoniously yield devastating soundscapes that counterbalance brutality with lapses of serenity.

Founding member Gira launched a record label in 1990 called Young God Records (Akron/Family, Devendra Banhart, David Coulter etc.), through which he has continued to channel Swans releases. The band was wound down in the late 90s and swiftly replaced with Angels of Light in 1999. The fact Swans are still going – let alone coming to China – is a rarity.

Let’s get JUE off to a flying start!

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