JUE | Music + Art 2015 | FAQ
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Q: How can I get involved in JUE?

A: Although the majority of JUE events are curated and organized by Split Works, there are many that have independent organizers. We accept applications on a limited basis from artists of all sorts, event organizers, bands, venues and community organizations.

Q: JUE sounds cool, but I already have an event planned for March. Does this mean I can’t be involved in JUE?

A: If you have already planned an event to coincide with the JUE time period, we encourage you to submit the event information to us according to our submission guidelines. We will review your submission and if we see a fit and are impressed, we will be delighted to help promote your event as being a part of JUE.

Q: What if my event is a multi-day event starting before March 12th or running after March 22nd 2015? Can I still be involved?

A: Unfortunately we ask that all JUE events fall strictly within the festival dates.

Q: JUE sounds rad, but I am a venue manager who does not have any idea about what sort of event to hold during the JUE time period. How can I get involved?

A: If you have the venue, but not the artists to fill it, there are still plenty of ways to get involved in JUE. We are always in need of innovative, fresh spaces for our JUE events. If you are interested in providing a venue space for JUE, please send us an email to JUEfestival@spli-t.com and let us know.

Q: How are event entrance fees determined and shared?

A: For events not curated by festival organizer, Split Works, the organizer is entitled to set their own entrance fee and to keep 100% of the proceeds. Split Works doesn’t take a cut. For potential collaborative events in which guest curators or event organizers would like to propose a collaboration with the festival, details can be discussed during the submission process.

Q: Does JUE have sponsors?

A: JUE | Music + Art is certainly open to sponsorship opportunities from brands with aims and objectives that align with those of the festival. Sponsorships will be used to offset costs such as flights and hotel accommodation for visiting artists, covering the administrative costs of operating the festival, media and promotions, and sometimes for providing bursaries for selected collaborative projects, which could be with artists, musicians, galleries, promoters, guest curators, etc.

Q: I submitted my event but haven’t heard anything back. What’s the deal?

A: Thanks for your submission! We will review your proposal and get back to you ASAP.