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Event Partners

Welcome to the event partners section of juefestival.com and thank you so much for supporting JUE | Music + Art 2015. Below you will find everything you need to fulfil your role as a 2015 event partner, including the terms & conditions and relevant logo files. Keep in mind that the terms & conditions listed below are the minimum requirement for participation, and as a grassroots-level festival working to improve the arts & music environment across China, we welcome all additional suggestions and ideas for ways to better market your event as part of JUE | Music + Art 2015. We’d love to hear from you – drop us a line anytime at juefestival@spli-t.com.

Partner Requirements:

  1. Logo tie-in: Include the JUE logo and link to juefestival.com in all outbound communications (flyers, posters, newsletters, website etc.) surrounding your event. Logo files can be downloaded below. Once you have been officially welcomed as a partner for 2015, we will send you all the necessary instructions, logos etc.
  2. Social media / website cross-promotion / links and logos: Promote your event as a part of JUE | Music + Art 2015 on all websites and social media platforms. Include the JUE logo and link to juefestival.com on your website.
  3. JUE Poster & decals at the venue and/or event: 1-2 weeks before the start of the festival, we will send you a JUE general poster and a sheet of JUE decals to hang at or near the entry of your venue. We ask that you display these for the duration of JUE. If this is not possible, we ask that you place the poster in a prominent position for the duration of your event. The poster will be A1 size; please let us know if you would prefer an A2-sized poster instead.
  4. Newsletter to your contacts: In February we will supply you with the content of 1 JUE email newsletter. We will request you to send this to your own database of contacts.
  5. Programme Distribution: In February we will also supply you with foldout JUE programmes. We ask that you display these at your event and / or venue in a prominent position.

JUE Provides:

  1. Logo & event information on website, programme and JUE general poster: Your event or entity’s logo on the festival programmes and the juefestival.com website.
  2. Newsletter introduction: Your event in the weekly JUE newsletter going out to our database of 50,000 subscribers.
  3. Digital / social media marketing support: Your event highlighted on digital platforms, including but not limited to:










Weixin (WeChat)

+Various Chinese-language BBS sites

  1. Website placement / highlight in a news post: Your event highlighted in a news post on juefestival.com.
  2. Wrap video: Footage from your event may be featured in the wrap video as well, at the editor’s discretion.
  3. If in Beijing, representation at the JUE creative market.

*Space availability and parameters subject to the discretion of JUE | Music + Art festival organizers. JUE Market is a dynamic, interactive event, and we encourage all market participants to bring an interesting contribution to the table.